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high voltage wire

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high voltage wire

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6/10kv high voltage armored cable body manufacturing reasons

General problems in manufacturing process of cable insulation eccentricity, insulation shielding thickness is not uniform, insulation, impurities, inner and outer shield has swelled, uneven crosslinking degree of be affected with damp be affected with damp, cable, cable metal sheath seal bad, etc., in some cases more serious may in completed trials or shortly after the operation of malfunction, mostly in the form of defects exist in the cable system, causing serious hidden dangers for long-term safe operation of the cable.

Cable connector manufacturing reasons

The high-voltage cable joints used to be wrapped, cast, molded and other types, which requires a lot of work in the field of production, and because of the limitations of the field conditions and the production process, the insulation belt layer will inevitably have air gaps and impurities, so it is easy to occur problems.The commonly used types in China are the assembled type and the prefabricated type.

Cable joint is divided into cable terminal connector and cable intermediate joint, no matter what form of joint, cable joint fault is generally appear in the cable insulation shielding fracture place, because here is the part of the electrical stress concentration, because of manufacturing reasons resulting in failure of cable joint stress cone body manufacturing defects, the reasons of insulation filler, seal oil, etc.

Cable grounding system

Cable grounding system includes cable grounding box, cable grounding protection box (with sheath protector), cable cross connection box, sheath protector and other parts.Generally, the main reason for the problem is that the box body seal is not good enough to water, which leads to multi-point grounding and leads to excessive induced current in the metal protective layer.In addition, the improper selection of protective sheath parameters or poor quality of zinc oxide crystal instability is also easy to cause damage to the protective sheath.

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