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Overhead power cable

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Overhead power cable

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Overhead cables are not ordinary oil-paper insulated cables or cross-linked insulated cables directly hung on overhead poles and towers, but a special cable similar to the cross-linked cable production process.

General overhead cables are single-core, which can be divided into hard aluminum wire structure, hard drawn copper wire structure, aluminum alloy wire structure, steel core or aluminum alloy core support structure and self-supporting three-core grain structure (the wire core can be hard aluminum or hard copper wire), etc. [1].

Aluminum wire structure light weight, moderate tension, cable easy to bend, easy to install, and low project cost, can be installed in the existing tower tower use, now generally used in the renovation or new construction of this kind of project.

Hard drawn copper wire structure is heavier, but the tensile force is large, resistance to external force is strong, even when the tower broken cable can continue to power.Aluminum alloy wire structure of light weight, large tension, mainly used in the span of 100m long span tower system.

Steel core or aluminum alloy core support structure is generally used for 35kV voltage system, span is also large, with square insulation parts will support line (bare line) and three insulation phase line separate, support line can be used as a lightning conductor, its biggest advantage is small sag, arc weight is only about 2.4% of the span.

Self-supporting three-core stranded structure is used in the system with medium span. The disadvantages of this kind of cable are that the manufacturing length of the three-core cable is shorter than that of the single core, with more connectors, and there is an outer semi-conductive shielding layer. The terminal head or stress cone structure should be installed at the end of the cable just like the ordinary cable.

Purpose: this product is used for fixed laying in power distribution network or industrial installation with rated power frequency voltage of 0.6/1kv and below.Rated voltage of characteristic power frequency (UO) /U 0.6/1kv is used.Cable conductor allows maximum temperature not exceeding..

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