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Wind power industry from the subsidy policy bidding online forced the industry technical breakthrough

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Wind power industry from the subsidy policy bidding online forced the industry technical breakthrough

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Recently, the discussion about wind power bidding online continues, the reason will produce this discussion, because, according to the national energy administration issued by the "about 2018 wind power construction management about the required notice requirements, since on May 18, the centralized onshore wind project and offshore wind power project to the organization construction by way of competition configuration.In addition to decentralized wind power projects do not participate in competitive allocation, gradually integrated into the market trading range of distributed power generation.At the same time, the competent authorities have released the "care" for wind power projects, pushed them to competitive markets, and let the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources.

Some experts said the unit price of wind power bidding this year was as low as 0.2 yuan/KWH to 0.3 yuan/KWH, down more than half from 0.8 yuan/KWH many years ago.Wind power now has the ability to compete with traditional sources such as thermal power.Therefore, the wind power industry should be weaned off, an industry can not always rely on subsidies to survive.

However, it should be noted that in the third quarter of this year, some enterprises have publicly said that the competition in the wind power market has led to a decline in net profits.

Wind power upstream and downstream enterprises "warming up" differences

According to the national development and reform commission energy research institute, the center of the renewable energy to the latest statistics, in the first three quarters of the domestic wind power new power of 12.19 million kilowatts, up about 15% of the new power, the capacity of more than 260 billion KWH, equivalent to the total wind power capacity of the nation's 87% last year, compared with the significant increase in the, in the national electricity consumption accounted for 5.2%.

The wind abandoning rate of China's wind power industry is also declining this year. All data show that the industry is continuously improving. However, it should be noted that, affected by the decline in subsidies and the gradual marketization of wind power price, the regions where the construction of downstream wind power plants reduces costs are transmitted to wind turbine and parts manufacturers, resulting in fierce competition in this sector.

Tower maker tecsun wind, which also reported a sharp drop in net profit in the first three quarters of the year, cited "fierce competition in related markets and a decline in gross margin margins."

In addition to taisheng wind power, huayi electric gas said in the just released three quarterly report, the first three quarters of profit will be reduced, the company said, after preliminary calculation by the financial department, it is estimated that the first three quarters of 2018 attributable to the listed company shareholders net profit compared with the same period last year, will be reduced by 15 million yuan to 25 million yuan, 43 percent to 71 percent year-on-year.Compared with the same period last year, the net profit excluding non-recurring gains and losses attributable to shareholders of listed companies will be reduced by 9 million yuan to 12 million yuan, 74% to 99% year-on-year.

Like Mr. Qin, huayi said the decline in net profit from a year earlier was due to increased competition in the wind power market and delays in construction of some projects.

However, there is a view that the wind power industry heats up, often downstream before upstream.In this regard, some experts said that for the wind power industry, it is easier to be subsidized and adjust the price of electricity generation online, and if more electricity sales are introduced into the open market, the power generation side can easily rebound.But the manufacturing side is still overcapacity, and it is difficult to achieve technological research and breakthrough in a short period of time, so the vicious competition is still very fierce.

"With a simple example, if wind power can't be connected to the Internet, it really can't be connected to the Internet, but those who can access the Internet can make money. However, there is no difference on the device side, so the competition is very fierce.""Said the expert.

The third quarter performance of power generation enterprises can more directly confirm the views of the above expert level institutions.

Silver star energy, whose core business is the operation of wind farms, projected a profit of 59 million yuan to 65 million yuan in the first three quarters, achieving a turnround.The company said that during the reporting period, the company's new energy power generation enterprises increased utilization hours and operating income.

Meanwhile, goldwind technologies, which is involved in the operation of wind farms, also said that its own wind farm generated more electricity in the first three quarters of this year than in the same period last year.Taisheng wind in the interaction with investors, said that the current wind farm investment is active;Tianshun wind power in the first three quarters of the forecast results also disclosed that its wind power development in the field of power generation scale continues to expand, profits continue to grow.

Technological innovation is still needed

's vicious competition to the experts say, is the business enterprise inside, "wind power development to a certain extent, phasing out subsidies, perhaps to a certain extent restrict the development of some enterprises, but a greater extent, would lead to some companies continue to speed up the technology progress and management optimization, reduce the cost, to participate in market competition, but the price of market competition should not only focus on equipment, and should consider the whole life cycle of the comprehensive cost, to avoid vicious competition industry.

Usher in the new stage, the current wind power development, competition in the market, electricity price TuiPo, abandon the wind power brownouts, subsidies in arrears, ecological environmental challenges, such as equipment suppliers, developers are actively face the entire industry, for all aspects of exploration, but the policy is very important for the sustainable and stable development of the industry, especially in the economic fluctuation period, confidence in determining the resources configuration.

Now, the main contradiction that restricts the development of wind power industry has been fundamentally changed, and cost and technology are no longer the biggest constraints.The next step is for the industry to actively call for breaking down the barriers existing in the traditional power system and mechanism and continue to promote the reform of the power system.

However, under the new situation, the development of wind power is facing competition with traditional energy sources and the squeeze of other renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic.Correspondingly, local wind power project construction will also face more fierce competition.How to deal with the new environment has become a problem that all enterprises must solve.And in this process, wind power will return to the market attributes, through positive market competition and continuous progress.Wind power developers in the future or in competition, tend to have stronger technical strength, more efficient generation of wind turbine manufacturers.This requires more technical capabilities, through innovation to constantly improve the technical level and quality of the unit, but also to further control the cost.

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