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In the future, energy demand will be fragmented and power enterprises will become integrated energy service providers

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In the future, energy demand will be fragmented and power enterprises will become integrated energy service providers

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After more than a decade of development, China's new energy industry has taken the lead in the world."At present, China's photovoltaic and wind power generation has accounted for half of the world's total, and the proportion of non-fossil energy, such as nuclear energy and hydropower, has also increased significantly."On October 20, wang zhixuan, full-time vice chairman of China electric power enterprise federation and President of electric vehicle and energy storage branch, said on the "BBS smart energy development summit 2018" jointly sponsored by China electric power enterprise federation, China energy research association and China energy news and undertaken by GCL (group) holdings limited.

Participants believe that while seeing the achievements, we should also be soberly aware of the challenges facing the development of the energy industry.Zhou dadi, vice executive director of the China energy research institute, the latest research report shows that if the current energy development patterns do not change, even if all countries in the Paris agreement framework proposed commitments can be implemented, the average global temperature will also continue to rise, the threat to the earth, the world must be greatly accelerate the process of low carbon energy.

Zhu gongshan, chairman of GCL group, said that wind power and solar power generation will enter the era of affordable Internet access at the same time in 2019, and the reduction of subsidies will have a huge impact on future energy development.In addition, the ecological system of new energy vehicles is accelerating integration, the energy market is changing from fixed energy to mobile energy, and the demand for fragmented energy is increasing...Will bring new topics.

At present, the three major contradictions -- the contradiction between energy supply and social demand, the contradiction between energy supply and environmental governance, and the contradiction between the modern way of life and energy conservation and emission reduction -- are giving birth to an unprecedented energy revolution, which will usher in a fundamental transformation of China's energy development mode.

"In the past 10 years, the integrated cost of wind power has been reduced by 70 per cent and the cost of photovoltaic power generation has been reduced by 80 per cent.In 2017, for the first time, photovoltaic surpassed coal and nuclear power as the world's largest new type of installed electricity, which was unthinkable many years ago.Yang lei, senior adviser to the director of the international energy agency, said that with technological progress, energy production, supply and consumption have taken on new characteristics.The international energy agency predicts that photovoltaic will gradually become the cheapest way to generate electricity by 2030.

Mr Yang said industrial power demand growth was slowing and two-thirds of the future growth came from consumption.In addition, the number of electric vehicles in China has exceeded 1 million last year. As energy storage devices, electric vehicles will also have an important impact on power demand and peak regulation.As a result, the demand for and use of energy is becoming ever more fragmented.

At the same time, this change increases the demand for distributed energy, and the role of micro grid becomes important."Micro grid has the characteristics of energy dispersion, load dispersion and nearby power consumption, and will supplement and replace large grid to realize remote power supply."'microgrids are playing an increasingly important role in providing reliable and safe power, as well as solving power supply problems in remote areas and islands,' said tang xuewen, director of the new energy department at the jiangsu provincial energy bureau.In line with the direction of electricity reform, it can expand the huge space for new energy consumption and development.

In the foreseeable future, with the progress of distributed renewable energy, energy storage micro grid technology, as well as the continuous reduction of costs and the emergence of new loads, combined with the reform of power selling side, micro grid will occupy more and more market shares.

This change will also promote the transformation of power enterprises from pure power supply to comprehensive energy service providers such as heating and cooling.Enterprises need to change their thinking, accelerate supply-side structural reform, and provide users with efficient energy services in the best way and the most economical combination.

"The traditional single-generation, single-transmission era is gone forever."Fei zhi, President of GCL smart energy co., ltd. said that GCL has fully opened the era of "Internet + smart energy".During BBS, GCL officially released the "xinneng cloud" system.At present, GCL has started from the four aspects of cities, parks, villages and home furnishing. It has created eight kinds of micro-energy network modes, including architectural micro-network, public micro-network, industrial micro-network, data micro-network, regional micro-network, rural micro-network, household micro-network and mobile micro-network, and implemented a number of typical demonstration projects.

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