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What is the structure of the cable? Where is the cable often used?

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What is the structure of the cable? Where is the cable often used?

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Cable is often used in home decoration and construction, generally buried or installed, so in life wire and cable is not very obvious to see, just so many friends do not know the cable, below to introduce you to what is the cable, the role of the cable reflected in what place?

The following are the basic definitions and functions of cables:

A cable-like cable usually made up of several or groups of wires twisted together. Each group of wires is insulated from each other and is often twisted around a center. The entire outer bread is covered with a highly insulated coating.The cable has the characteristics of internal power supply and external insulation.

Cable is mainly used in power system, information transmission and instrument system. In addition to power supply, information transmission is also the second important role of cable products, such as local telephone cable, fiber optic cable, data line, etc.

The main categories of cable are power cable, rubber sheathed cable, communication cable, flexible fireproof cable, etc.

Basic structure of power cable:

The basic structure of the cable is, from inside to outside order is: conductor (copper, aluminum), insulation layer, wrapping layer (wrapping belt, filling rope, etc.), sheath.

The analysis of cables will add other layers to this basic mechanism according to the needs of the applicable occasions, such as the need to enhance the mechanical strength and corrosion resistance of cables, and the need to add steel belt armor between the cladding and the outer sheath.

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