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How to protect wire and cable, what reason can make wire and cable ageing fast

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How to protect wire and cable, what reason can make wire and cable ageing fast

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Improper use of wire and cable will lead to aging, wire and cable aging fault is more direct cause of insulation reduction and breakdown.Conduction sensitive insulation reduces the sinister element of a lot of, according to actual operation experience, summed up nothing more than the following several cases.6 major causes of aging:

Cable joint fault cable joint is a weak link in the cable line, which is often caused by the direct fault of personnel (poor construction).Construction personnel in the process of making cable joints, small make up of chaoyang cable suggests that if the joints are not pressed tight, insufficient heating and other original network, will lead to cable head insulation reduction, thus causing accidents.

2, improper placement of wires and cables will lead to insulation moisture is also very common, generally occurs in the direct buried or pipe in the cable junction.For example, the cable joint production is unqualified and in the humid climate conditions to do the joint, will make the joint water or water vapor, for a long time in the electric field under the action of the formation of water branches, gradually damage the cable insulation strength and cause failure.

3. The environment of electric wires and cables and the external environment and heat source where the cables are located may also lead to excessive temperature of cables, breakdown of insulation and even explosion and fire.

4, chemical corrosion cable buried directly in the acid and alkali effect of the region, often cause cable armor, lead or outer sheath corrosion, protection layer due to long-term chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, resulting in protection layer failure, insulation, which will also lead to cable fault, cable corrosion is quite serious.Pay attention to chemical contact with wires and cables.

5. Long term over-load operation of wires and cables and overload operation. It is analyzed that due to the thermal effect of current, when the load current passes through the cable, it will inevitably lead to conductor heating.Long-term overload operation, too high temperature will accelerate the aging of insulation, and insulation breakdown.In this remind everyone especially in the hot summer, the cable temperature rise often leads to the cable insulation weak place is the first breakdown, so in the summer, the cable fault is more.

6. External force damage according to the analysis of the operation in recent years, it indicates that, especially in the high-speed economic development of haipudong, a considerable number of cable faults are caused by mechanical damage.For example: cable laying installation is not standard construction, easy to cause mechanical damage;It is also easy to damage the cable in operation when civil construction is carried out on the direct buried cable.It is concluded from the above that sometimes, if the damage is not serious, it will take several months or even years to cause a complete breakdown of the damaged part to form a fault, and sometimes a short circuit fault may occur if the damage is serious, which directly affects the safe production of the power supply unit.

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