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Low voltage cable head production and installation method!

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Low voltage cable head production and installation method!

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An overview,

Low-voltage cable specifications and models are more, to the indoor PVC insulation below 1KV PVC sheath as an example to illustrate the power cable terminal cable head production.

Ii. Construction process

Shake test ground resistance to strip the cable head, wrap the cable, cover the cable terminal head, pressure cable core wire connection nose and equipment and appliances

Iii. Main construction methods and technical measures

1. Shake test cable insulation

Choose 1 kv, wave table for cable insulation resistance should be greater than 10 m Ω.

After the cable rolling test, the core wire should be discharged to the ground separately.

2. Wrap the cable and cover the cable terminal head

Remove the outer insulation layer of the cable and insert the lower part of the cable head cover into the cable first.

According to the type and size of the cable head, according to the length and inner diameter of the cable head sleeve, wrap the cable with plastic tape in half stack.The plastic belt should be tightly wrapped and shaped like a jujube stone.

Put the upper part of the cable cap on, butt joint with the lower part and tighten the cap.

3, pressure cable core wire wiring nose

Measure the length from the end of the conductor as the depth of the nose of the conductor, add another 5mm, strip the insulation of the conductor, and coat the conductor with vaseline.

Insert the wire core into the wiring nose, press the wiring nose with wire pliers, and press the connection pit in more than two ways.Large specification wiring terminals shall be pressed by hydraulic machinery.

According to different phases, yellow, green, red and four-color plastic belts are used to wrap each core wire of the cable to the compression joint of the wiring nose.

Fix the cable with the finished terminal head on the pre-made cable head bracket, and separate the core wire.

According to the type of terminal, choose bolts to press the cable terminal on the equipment, pay attention to the bolts from the top down or from the inside to the outside, flat pads and springs should be installed.

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