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How to distinguish "national standard" and "non-standard" wire and cable

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How to distinguish "national standard" and "non-standard" wire and cable

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Nowadays, with the continuous development of society.There are more and more kinds of wire and cable in the market. How to distinguish the "national standard" and "non-standard" of wire and cable?Jixing wire and cable to teach you: a look, two tests, three weighing, four than the price, four moves to see.

Now, the application of wire and cable is more and more extensive, along with, the type of wire and cable sold on the market is also more and more.So, how can we distinguish the "national standard" and "non-standard" of electric wires and cables?To this end, small make up consult the industry senior people, they gave the difference between the "national standard" and "non-standard" wire and cable five measures:

A look.Want to see product of electric wire and cable to have quality system to recognize a certificate, see whether qualified certificate is normative, see whether to have factory name, factory address, check a seal, production date, whether to have trademark, norms, voltage to wait on seeing electric wire.See the cross-section of copper core of electric wire even, color of superior grade copper is bright, colour and lustre is downy, it is inferior product otherwise.

The second try.Can take a wire end to bend repeatedly with the hand, general feeling is soft, fatigue resistance is good, plastic or rubber feels flexibility is big and there is no crack on wire insulator, it is superior product.

Weigh three.Good quality wire and cable, generally every 100m weight is within the weight range.For example, the commonly used plastic insulated single-strand copper core wire with a sectional area of 1.5mm2 weighs 1.8-1.9kg per 100m;2.5mm2 plastic-insulated single-strand copper core wire, weighing 3-3.1kg per 100m;4.0mm2 plastic insulated single strand copper core wire, weight of 4.4-4.6kg per 100m, etc.Poor quality wire weight is not enough, either the length is not enough, or wire copper core impurities too much.

Four to the price.Because the manufacturing cost of fake and inferior electric wire is low, accordingly, peddler is being sold, often with cheap and fine quality is low sale under the guise of, make the person is duped.Accordingly, when buying, want to be careful, do not flaunted "fine and inexpensive" for the businessman dizzy head, be deceived finally.

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