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How to prevent wire and cable from catching fire

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How to prevent wire and cable from catching fire

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Measures to prevent wire and cable from catching fire:

1. Ensure the construction quality, especially the quality of cable head production must strictly meet the requirements.

2. Strengthen cable operation monitoring to avoid cable overload.

3. Conduct cable test on schedule, and deal with abnormal situations in time.

4. The cable trench shall be kept dry to prevent the cable from getting damp, which will cause the insulation to drop and cause short circuit.

5. Regularly clean the dust accumulated on cables to prevent the dust from self-igniting and causing cable fire.

6. Strengthen the regular check and maintenance of cable circuit switch and protection to ensure its reliable operation.

7. When laying cables, keep sufficient distance from the heat pipe and control cables no less than 0.5m;Power cable not less than l meters.Control cable and power cable should be slotted, stratified and arranged separately, without overlapping between layers.Fire retardant and heat insulation measures shall be taken for the parts that do not conform to the regulations.

8. Install fire alarm device to detect fire in time and prevent cable from catching fire.

9. Equipped with necessary fire-fighting equipment and facilities.Aerial cable fire can be put out with common fire extinguishing equipment. However, automatic or remote fire extinguishing devices, such as 1301 fire extinguishing device and water spray fire extinguishing device, should be installed in cable sandwich, shaft, trench and tunnel.

Take fire prevention measures.

The fire prevention measures of cables include:

(1) wrap the cable with adiabatic combustion-resistant material. When fire occurs around the cable, the wrapped cable can be isolated from fire by adiabatic combustion-resistant material to avoid burning.

(2) the cable through the wall, the bottom of the disk, the hole in the shaft with refractories sealed tightly, to prevent the cable fire, high temperature smoke diffusion and spread caused by fire surface expansion.

(3) apply fireproof coating on the cable surface.

(4) wrap the parts of the cable that need to be flame-proof with fireproof belt.

(5) heat resistant fire insulation plate shall be set between the cable layers to prevent interlayer channeling and expand the fire situation.

(6) segmenting partition walls and fire doors shall be installed in the cable channel to prevent cable from jumping into flames and expand the fire situation.

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