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Chinas photovoltaic steady growth and repair of internal power become the key to development

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Chinas photovoltaic steady growth and repair of internal power become the key to development

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Despite the rapid development of new energy in China in recent years, such phenomena as abandoning wind and light still exist. How to collect fragmented green energy has become the key to the development of the industry.

According to data released by the state energy administration of China, by the first half of 2018, installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in China had reached 154.51 million kw, including 112.6 million kw photovoltaic power stations and 41.903 million kw distributed photovoltaic power stations.Photovoltaic power generation in the first half of the year was 82.39 billion KWH, up 59% from a year earlier.

Tao ye, deputy director of the renewable energy development center at the energy research institute of the national development and reform commission, said that although the 5.31 policy has attracted the attention of the market, China's photovoltaic industry will still have a good development in 2018 in terms of scale, and it is estimated that the cumulative pv installation opportunity will exceed 40GW this year.

Regarding the market's concerns about the new policy, tao stressed that the strategic tone of China's industry regarding renewable energy represented by photovoltaic has not changed, and we are firm in supporting it.

When the external macro environment is basically stable, many insiders believe that the key to the development of new energy represented by photovoltaic is to repair internal power.

Li li, an academician at the Chinese academy of engineering, said coal's share of China's energy stations had been falling in recent years because of the availability of renewable energy.But at present, the proportion of renewable energy is still very low, and the phenomenon of abandoning wind and light still exists.

Data from the national energy administration shows that in the first half of 2018, local light abandoning rate was 3.6%, down 3.2 percentage points from the same period last year.Light abandoning is mainly concentrated in xinjiang and gansu, of which, the light abandoning power in xinjiang (excluding corps) is 1.35 billion KWH, with the light abandoning rate of 20%, down 6.1 percentage points year on year.Gansu abandoned light power 590 million kilowatt-hours, abandoned light rate of 11%, down 11 percentage points from the same period last year

In addition to being disconnected and fragmented, the development of distributed wind and solar energy in a fragmented state also faces challenges.

Ding jie, deputy director of the new energy institute of the China institute of power technology, said that there are three challenges in the access of distributed photovoltaic network. First, due to the lagging construction of safe access zone and inadequate management, the information acquisition rate of distributed photovoltaic is low, and the data timeliness and reliability are poor.Second, the construction of new energy modules of regional intelligent dispatching control system lags behind, and distributed photovoltaic power prediction and dispatching lacks support.Third, distributed photovoltaic has not been connected to the county AVC system, so distributed photovoltaic scheduling cannot be realized.

In ding's view, progress in energy storage technology may be the key to breaking through bottlenecks in the industry, he said, if there is a rapid development of battery technology, the problem of new energy volatility will be improved, and it will be very easy to connect to the Internet right away.

And connecting fragmented energy resources to a platform in an intelligent way is also the idea of breaking through the bottleneck in the industry exploration.Li expressed the hope to set up a multi-functional and interactive Internet + intelligent energy system in the future.

Vision group founder and CEO zhang lei said, at present the green energy present a fragmented state, if you can put each photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, energy storage power station, electric vehicles, as a terminal connected to energy in the form of intelligent iot, gathered at the agreed to a platform, will help the parties to more efficiently use these green and low cost of clean energy.

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