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State grid outlined high-quality development "construction drawing" in the first half of the year to complete the fixed assets investment of 191.9 billion yuan

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State grid outlined high-quality development "construction drawing" in the first half of the year to complete the fixed assets investment of 191.9 billion yuan

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To invest 191.9 billion yuan in fixed assets;2 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity were sold, up 11% year on year.Operating income was 1.2 trillion yuan, up 11.4% year on year.The total profit was 46.5 billion yuan, an increase of 900 million yuan year on year.Asset-liability ratio 57.1%...This is the transcript of the first half of 2018 submitted by state grid corporation of China.

At the mid-year meeting, state grid corporation of China proposed that, in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, it should steadily promote the construction of world-class energy Internet enterprises and better serve economic and social development.According to the "construction drawing" outlined by the company, the company will further reduce the level, clear assets and reduce liabilities, comprehensively dispose of inefficient and invalid assets within three years, and ensure that the asset-liability ratio will be controlled within 57.7% by the end of 2020.

We will promote the upgrading of rural power grids

"Irrigate the ground need not worry any more, used safe and stable rest assured electricity..."This is a letter of thanks sent to the power supply company of wucheng county, shandong province of state grid. At the end of the letter are 23 red handprints representing 1,246 villagers from yingying village and lizhuang village, shunyang community, the old town of the county.

As you have noticed, cotton is grown on a large scale in yingying village and lizhuang village, and there are many processing plants in the town."In the past, the load of the water transformer was small and the line was thin. When it came time to irrigate the land, it could only provide six submersible pumps, and everyone had to wait for the number. Sometimes the disordered order would lead to disputes and even fights.""Wang chuanbin, the village secretary of the military camp, recalled.

It is understood that, for a long time, China's rural power supply enterprise management system exists "direct supply and direct management", "escrow", "self-supply and self-management", "joint-stock system" and other types.This agricultural power system makes it difficult to truly realize overall planning and construction between urban and rural power grids. County power supply enterprises have weak self-management ability, rural power grid investment is in arrears, management foundation is weak, and rural power grid development is unbalanced.

Therefore, in 2016, the state council issued the notice of the general office of the state council transmitting the opinions of the national development and reform commission on the implementation of a new round of rural power grid transformation and upgrading project during the 13th five-year plan period (no. 9 [2016] of the state council).The state grid corporation of China has organized and implemented some of the entrusted management and the upper division of joint-stock county companies. The county rural power grid has been incorporated into the "big plate" of the national power grid, and a large number of rural power grid projects have been started to break bottlenecks and benefit the people.

"Rural areas should have access to the same electricity services as cities."Li dong, deputy general manager of state grid dezhou power supply company, told the economic information daily that since 2016, the company has vigorously promoted the construction of rural power grids, with a total investment of 3.5 billion yuan.By the end of 2017, we will have upgraded the power grid in 1,150 small towns (central villages), upgraded the power supply facilities in 30 natural villages with insufficient power supply, reformed the power grid in poor villages, and provided power to all villages.Electrification of 50071 mechanical Wells will reduce farmers' irrigation expenditure by about 260 million yuan annually.

Barracks village and lizhuang village are beneficiaries.Standing beside the new shaft, wang chuanbin excitedly introduced that two villages had added a transformer and replaced the old transformer.Seven transformers have been installed in the fields to power more than 100 Wells.

And with the increase in the convenience of electricity and water and the cost of nearly half of the decline, the area of cotton cultivation in lizhuang village expanded, but also planted pepper, per capita income increased significantly.Its subordinate yangzhuang township has 372 textile factories, and the quality of delivery has also improved a lot under the stable electricity supply.

This is not an isolated case.Dazhuang village, xiajin development zone, dezhou city, shandong province, is located on the outskirts of the city. Farmers mainly plant vegetables in the greenhouse. After the implementation of the electrification project of machine Wells, all 126 machine Wells in dazhuang village are electrified.

According to the plan, by 2018, state grid dezhou power supply company will invest 750 million yuan to upgrade the rural power grid. By the end of the year, it will have achieved 90% of the county's 10 kv line connection rate and 2.25 kva of the average household distribution and transformation capacity, effectively meeting the production and living electricity needs of poor villages and households.

Pressure level clear assets minus liabilities

While helping fight poverty alleviation, state grid corporation of China (SGCC) has also taken measures such as improving the governance structure, reducing the management level, cleaning up inefficient and ineffective assets, reducing leverage and reducing liabilities, etc., so as to make the company fit and fit, increase the endogenous driving force, improve quality and increase efficiency


According to the national grid company party member, the trade union chairman Liu Guangying introduction, the company and its subordinate units to complete the industrial and commercial registration, is transformed into a solely state-owned company and state-owned one co., LTD., clear the company party, the board of directors, managers, and responsibilities of the board of supervisors and working interface, formed with the company's articles of association as the core of corporate governance system.1163 French implementing classified management at the same time, the company has carried on the function definition and classification of enterprises, in the two categories (network supervision, competition in the market) and on the basis of subdivided into six small class (transmission and power supply, operation security, support services and emerging business, market-oriented industry, market-oriented financial), further clarify the development direction of of all kinds enterprise, reform the key, control mode and assessment incentives.

According to the data, by the end of June 2018, state grid corporation of China had reduced the stock of 690 legal persons at all levels, accounting for 44% of the reduction, ranking the first among the state-owned enterprises. By optimizing the structure and flat management, it could save about 5 billion yuan in taxes and operating costs every year.We will clean up inefficient and ineffective assets. We will clear up 38 inefficient and ineffective assets worth 2.4 billion yuan in 2017, and we plan to comprehensively win the battle against inefficient and ineffective assets within three years.We improved governance of loss-making enterprises. Since 2015, we have reduced losses by 484 units with a total amount of 11.34 billion yuan, exceeding the target set by the sasac of halve the number of loss-making units and the amount by half within three years.

Debt management and control is also a comprehensive and long-term work.According to liu guangying, state grid corporation of China has set a three-year pressure reduction target for each unit in four stages to ensure that the company's asset-liability ratio will be kept within 57.7% by the end of 2020.Precise investment control, focusing on the development layout of "one core (power grid), three pillars (industry, finance and international)", optimizing capital investment, strictly controlling non-main industry investment, strengthening post-investment evaluation, and improving input-output efficiency.

In addition, state grid corporation of China is speeding up the stripping of corporate social functions and solving problems left over from history.In 2017, the company's system water supply, heat supply (gas) and property transfer agreement signing rate exceeded 98%, power supply acceptance agreement signing rate exceeded 96%, and the "three supply and one industry" separation transfer exceeded the annual target task of sasac.We effectively separated the functions of enterprises in running the society, closed and abolished 17 medical institutions, abolished training institutions at the municipal level in the mainland, and promoted the reform and restructuring of hotels and resorts.Since 2011, the number of collective enterprises has been reduced by 3,553 (3,105 now, with 659,000 employees) through reform and restructuring.

Scientific and technological innovation improves efficiency

State grid in xiajin county of shandong province dezhou power supply company factory equipment base, reporter noticed, CNC, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical automation form five production lines, can complete high pressure T connection, with led components, low voltage wire components such as 12 kinds of assembly of finished products, and by the combination of complete module of distribution, the peak of the component module, complete table 3 modules, platform implements all factory production.

"It used to take more than half a day to install the lead wire of only one station area, but now it takes less than four hours to build the whole station area."Assembling the base class monitor HuoXianFeng tells a reporter, rural electric projects, especially the last well well engineering task, time is tight, in the face of this problem, will "LingSanShi" site construction into a "line" assembly construction, monomer construction time shorten the average 2.1 days, but also can reduce the impact on crops and the environment.At present, this experience has been popularized in 17 prefectures, cities and many other provinces in shandong province.

It is learned that state grid corporation of China has reached the world's leading position in many fields, such as ultra-high voltage transmission, new energy grid-connection, large power grid security and other core technologies as well as smart grid.It has won 69 national science and technology awards and 18 national laboratories.The company has accumulated 73,000 patents, ranking first among central enterprises for seven consecutive years.

At the same time, state grid corporation of China has given full play to the role of a platform for comprehensive and optimized allocation of large grid resources, built a unified national power market, and fully served the needs of large-scale grid-connection of new energy, rapid development of distributed power supply, and extensive access to new energy-using facilities such as electric vehicles.By the end of 2017, the cross-regional and cross-provincial transmission capacity has reached 190 million kw.The grid-connected capacity of clean energy has reached 510 million kw, of which 220 million kw are installed in hydropower, 130 million in wind power and 120 million kw in solar power, ranking first in the world.

In addition, state grid is actively pushing to reduce the cost of energy for users.According to the data, the energy cost of customers will be reduced by 73.7 billion yuan in 2017 by lowering prices and expanding market transactions."In 2018, we will implement the national work plan to reduce the average electricity price for industry and commerce by 10 percent, strictly implement various measures, and it is estimated that additional measures will be put in place in 2018, which will further reduce energy costs for consumers by 72.1 billion yuan.""Liu guangying said.

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