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Power line and cable manufacturers compete with each other to reproduce the "three kingdoms era" in the market

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Power line and cable manufacturers compete with each other to reproduce the "three kingdoms era" in the market

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Electric wire electric cable under the market competition in the whole world, it is not difficult to find that even though China's wire and cable industry output value has exceeded the United States, with 1.1 trillion yuan of the world's leading, but the output value of wire and cable in the market is in the whole world, the fundamental reason is that domestic wire and cable manufacturing enterprise research and development ability is far behind and cable giant in foreign countries, only in the low end market competition.At present, the size of the global wire and cable market has exceeded 100 billion euros, among which the Asian market accounts for about 36%, the European market accounts for about 31%, the American market accounts for about 23%, and other markets account for about 10%.In Asia, China's market share lags far behind those of Japanese and south Korean producers.

Although China now leads the world in terms of gross domestic product, its market share in the global competitive landscape is not optimistic.Moreover, the average profit margin of China's wire and cable market share is also pitiably low, hovering around 3-4%.Although the profit margin of ultra-high voltage cable, submarine special power cable and new energy special cable is slightly higher, it is not the majority of wire and cable manufacturers can grasp.

The reason why the profit of China's wire and cable manufacturers is slim is that the products in China's wire and cable industry are mainly low-end, which cannot reach the product development and process control level of foreign wire and cable oligarchs such as Germany's pressman, France's nexen and Japan's guhe.Besides, for now, the development of Chinese wire and cable industry is a continuous extensive mode of production and operation, the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprise is more emphasis on short-term economic effect, very few companies willing to invest manpower and material resources and funds for the high-end product development and production, so only in a vicious cycle of low-end market competition.It can even be said that many small and medium-sized production enterprises in China have not carried out basic research work, so that the gap with foreign cable giants is so far away.

It is also because the domestic high-end product research and development and production capacity is insufficient, so there is a serious problem of following suit in the industry, and due to the lack of unified planning, there is also a serious excess capacity.Take the tower project as an example. Local wire and cable manufacturers are keen to compete for the tower project, because state grid and China southern power grid, the largest cable purchasers in China, once required that the tower should be the first choice for ultra-high voltage cables to enter the network.As of December 2012, the total number of towers built or under construction in China has exceeded 70, which is conservatively estimated to have reached or exceeded the total number of all cable enterprises except China.In addition to the number of large, but also more and more high building, now the highest has reached 180 meters.

In recent years, because the ultra-high voltage catenary cross-linking production line can also meet the requirements of cable eccentricity, state grid and China southern power grid have gradually opened up the catenary market.Therefore, who can achieve the quality level of tower production cable with less investment in the catenary production line will inevitably bring huge profit space to the enterprise.And if blindly follow suit, have invested in the production cable tower, it is high cost and low profit to do so.

From China's wire and cable industry in the global market competition is difficult to occupy a dominant position, as well as domestic wire and cable manufacturers for high-end product research and development of the shortage of enterprise profits and other problems, so as to extend China's domestic wire and cable brands, although there are many, but the lack of international famous brands.At present, the foreign counterparts know little about FarEast(FarEast) and a few other large enterprises, but they know very little about many other wire and cable brands.

I still remember that at the Asian international wire and cable exhibition held in Shanghai in 2012, foreign wire and cable manufacturers or raw and auxiliary materials and equipment suppliers were stunned by the large number of domestic wire and cable manufacturers in China, and only a few large wire and cable manufacturers had a slight understanding of them.This shows that China's local wire and cable brands lack international influence, and there is still a lot of room for brand development.Therefore, China's local wire and cable manufacturers should seize the opportunity to communicate and contact with foreign countries, such as the international wire and cable exhibition, to promote their brand to the international side, expand their brand influence and appeal.

Of course, it is inevitable that another important reason for the low profits of China's wire and cable manufacturers lies in the increasing production costs, among which the high price of raw materials such as copper is the main reason.As we all know, cable industry is a heavy material light industry, finished cable copper and other raw and auxiliary materials accounted for about 90% of the total cost.In recent years, affected by the fluctuation of copper price, the price of cable is also rising year by year and extremely unstable.And in addition to the wire and wire to buy a house to drag out the money problem is serious, so the wire and cable production enterprises in the circumstances of being forced to, can only vicious cycle in arrears with copper and other raw and auxiliary material manufacturers of money, thus forming the wire and cable industry credit crisis.

Accordingly, through what means, what channel reduces the cost that buys raw material as far as possible, also be the number one target of manufacturer of a lot of electric wiring cable and the number one difficult problem.If it can effectively restrain the disorderly fluctuation of copper price, it will play a positive role in wire and cable production enterprises.

In addition to the above problems, China's wire and cable industry has a problem that cannot be ignored -- the concentration of China's wire and cable manufacturers is low, which is also the main reason for the competitiveness of wire and cable giants less than developed countries.According to the British company interjay statistics, although the number of cable manufacturers in China is nearly 10,000, and its supporting industries such as equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products are also thousands of.However, the low concentration is one of the main reasons restricting the competitiveness of Chinese wire and cable manufacturers.

At present, the top 10 cable enterprises in China only account for 7% to 10% of the domestic market share, while looking at the wire and cable market pattern in developed countries, we find that the top 10 cable manufacturers in the United States -- general motors, bestong, corning, south line, etc. -- account for about 70% of the market share!In Japan, seven cable companies -- guhe, sumitomo, tengcang, Hitachi, and shoiwa -- account for more than 66 percent of the market.In France, the five cable companies -- nexen, xent, etc. -- account for more than 90% of the French market share!

Although the total output value of China's wire and cable industry ranks first in the world, the fact that the concentration of Chinese wire and cable production enterprises is low shows great inconsistency or even conflict.It can be said that the concentration of China's wire and cable production enterprises is too low, which increases the instability of China's wire and cable industry, and even causes some small and medium-sized production enterprises to be eliminated from the market in competition, or barely maintain or close to bankruptcy.

Faced with the problem of low concentration, only by strengthening the integration of industrial resources and striving to expand the market share of enterprises, can the stability of domestic wire and cable industry be increased.And also by the above problems and disorderly want to, not only in the sting of cable manufacturing enterprises at the same time, also pointed out the direction for wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, by strengthening research and development, with local brands, go the way of differentiated competition, integration of industry resources, realize China's wire and cable industry in the global market competition pattern of the new breakthrough!

At present, all enterprises and industries hope to rely on the automatic control system for their development, so as to save energy and cost. At present, the automatic control system has developed not only in theory, but also in practical application. At present, some digital and intelligent devices are facing the market.

Traditional ac servo motor features soft, and its output characteristics is not a single value servo motor;Stepper motor generally unable to pinpoint for open loop control, speed of the motor itself and the resonance zone, PWM speed control system of position tracking performance is poorer, frequency control of motor speed is relatively simple but sometimes not enough accuracy, dc motor servo system, with its excellent performance has been widely used in the position servo system, but its disadvantages, such as complicated structure, the contradiction in dead zone in super-low speed and commutator brush will bring noise and maintenance problems.

At present, the new permanent magnet ac servo motor develops rapidly, especially after the square wave control develops to the sine wave control, the system performance is better, its speed regulation range is wide, especially the low speed performance is superior.

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