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Insulated wire type for use

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Insulated wire type for use

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1, RV, PVC insulated single-core cord, good temperature 65 ℃, good temperature 15 ℃, the working voltage of ac 250 v, 500 v dc, as internal wiring for instruments and equipment.

2, RVB: parallel multiple strands of soft wire (flat), just like the home often used phone line bare wire, only the core wire and RVV core wire is consistent, two core wire is parallel package in the sheath, usually is a sheath of two

3, RVS: twisted multiple strands of soft wire, is the soft core of RVB tear, twisted can be.Usually two pairs.

4. RVSP: double stranded shielding line.

RVVB: PVC sheath cord (flat type), standard GB/T 502 good -- 2008/IEC 6 good 7-5:203.

6, RVV: multiple soft line, is the core line is composed of multiple strands of copper wire, RVV line is the weak current system's most commonly used cable, the core of the root number is uncertain, there is a single, there are many roots, there is also a sheath outside.However, there is no special requirement for the arrangement between the core wires.

RVVP: copper core PVC insulated shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable, also known as electrical connection anti-interference flexible cable, rated voltage 250V/450V.

8. BVVR is copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed flexible wire with outer sheath;BVR is copper core PVC insulated flexible wire, only insulation layer, no outer protective layer.The double plastic wire usually refers to BVV series, a good V refers to PVC insulation, the second V refers to PVC sheath, if it is a BV series refers to a single plastic wire.

Commonly used types

Generally, there are several kinds of insulated conductors as follows:

1.Rubber insulated wire model: BLX - aluminum core rubber insulated wire, BX - copper core rubber insulated wire.

2.PVC insulated wire (plastic wire) model: BLV - aluminum core plastic wire, BV - copper core plastic wire.

3.Rubber cable model: YHC - heavy rubber sheathed cable, NYHF - agricultural chloroprene rubber sheathed tow cable.

Rubber insulated wire has copper core, aluminum core, single core, double core and multi - core.For indoor wiring, the working voltage generally does not exceed 5OO volts.

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