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From "531" to "630" photovoltaic industry is expected to usher in policy warm current

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From "531" to "630" photovoltaic industry is expected to usher in policy warm current

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According to the "May 31" new policy, distributed photovoltaic projects connected to the grid on May 31 will receive state subsidies, while those connected later will not.Reporters learned from internal sources on June 8, the policy may be loosened, the state authorities consider June 30 as the limit, to give photovoltaic New Deal a one-month buffer period.Relevant policies are expected to be released soon.

On May 31 this year, the national development and reform commission, the ministry of finance and the state energy administration issued a notice on matters related to photovoltaic power generation in 2018, namely document 823, which is known in the industry as the "May 31" New Deal.New Deal "killer mace" is to control the size of subsidies.

In terms of scale, the scale of ordinary photovoltaic power station construction in 2018 will not be arranged temporarily.The quota of distributed photovoltaic projects shall be controlled to about 10 gigawatts, and the distributed photovoltaic power generation projects connected to the grid before May 31 (inclusive) shall be included in the scale management scope recognized by the state.

In terms of electricity price, the "May 31" new policy points out that since the date of issue, the newly put into operation of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects that adopt the mode of "self-use and surplus power online" will reduce the subsidy standard of total power measurement by 0.05 yuan, that is, the subsidy standard will be adjusted to 0.32 yuan per KWH (including tax).

Before the photovoltaic subsidy adjustment in China is usually limited to June 30, "June 30" rush loading tide has become a common phenomenon in the industry in recent years.It had not been clear how the subsidies would be accounted for for the month from May 31 to June 30.

Frankly speaking, after the May 31 new policy, the photovoltaic industry went into winter overnight.But policy makers have also been watching the market closely and listening to the industry.

On the afternoon of October 8, the first working day after the National Day holiday, the price department of the national development and reform commission organized a symposium on photovoltaic power generation price policy in Beijing to further study and improve the relevant photovoltaic power generation price policy.More than ten industry representatives, including guodian investment corporation, huaneng, huadian, three gorges new energy, jingke, gexin, longji, tianhe, shandong dahai new energy, attended the meeting, reflecting the relevant situation.

Insiders revealed that the purpose of this meeting is to understand the production and operation status of photovoltaic enterprises, the construction cost and profitability of photovoltaic power generation projects, as well as opinions and Suggestions on the next step to improve the price policy of photovoltaic power generation.

Reporters learned that a number of participating enterprises unanimously hope to obtain more plant construction indicators;At the same time, also hope early payment of overdue subsidies in place.

"There are no targets for the construction of ordinary photovoltaic power stations in 2018, and distributed projects with subsidies are also controlled in scale.At the meeting, companies called for more photovoltaic construction targets in 2019.'reducing electricity prices is not the biggest pain right now for companies,' said one participant.

In terms of subsidies, many enterprises recently announced that they have received the seventh batch of photovoltaic subsidies.The industry called on the state as soon as possible to promote the eighth batch of subsidies directory declaration.

Ikang technology (002610.sz), a listed company, announced that before September 30, for the seventh batch of renewable energy price subsidies and national poverty alleviation project funds, ikang technology has received 120 million yuan of renewable energy price subsidies, and the rest of the renewable energy price subsidies are in the account.

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