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What are the measures to solve the common faults of overhead insulated wire?

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What are the measures to solve the common faults of overhead insulated wire?

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Overhead insulated conductor has a series of advantages of buried cable, but also can overcome many disadvantages of overhead bare wire, can solve some problems encountered in the operation of conventional bare wire, and the price is much cheaper than buried cable.Therefore, it has a certain development prospect in the construction of urban distribution network.Now share some measures to prevent common faults of overhead insulated wires!

1. Calculate the short-circuit current, select and check the electrical equipment correctly, and make the rated voltage of the electrical equipment conform to the rated voltage of the circuit.

2. Select the setting value of relay protection and rated current of melt correctly, and adopt quick-break protection device, so that short-circuit current can be quickly cut off in case of short-circuit, reduce the duration of short-circuit current and reduce the loss caused by short-circuit.

3. Install lightning rods in substations, and lightning arresters near transformers and on lines to reduce lightning damage.

4. Adopt reactor to increase system impedance and limit short-circuit current.

Remove faulty lines or equipment from the power system so that the rest can continue to operate.

6. Determine the construction quality of overhead insulated line, strengthen the line maintenance, and always keep the line sag consistent and comply with the provisions.

7. When installing and overhauling electrical equipment on line, it is necessary to prevent miswiring and misoperation, and to take measures to prevent short circuit when working near the live part.

8. Strengthen management to prevent small animals from entering the power distribution room and climbing onto the electrical equipment.Remove conductive dust in time to prevent conductive dust from entering electrical equipment.

9. It is forbidden to use load broach gate or live ground gate.The grounding wire shall be removed immediately after the construction of the line is completed.To often circuit, equipment inspection inspection, timely detection of defects, rapid maintenance.

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