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Wind power development achieved "double rise and double fall" in the first half year

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Wind power development achieved "double rise and double fall" in the first half year

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Nuclear, wind and solar power accounted for 66.1% of the total installed capacity, 5.4 percentage points higher than the same period last year.Nuclear, wind and solar power generation increased by 19.0% year on year, 11.0 percentage points higher than that of thermal power generation.This series of data clearly outline the basic outline of China's renewable energy development in the first half of this year.

China's energy consumption continued to pick up in the first half of this year and the structure of energy consumption continued to improve, the head of the development planning department of the state energy administration said at a press conference held by the state energy administration recently.The scale of renewable energy power generation continues to expand, the consumption of wind power and photovoltaic power generation continues to improve, and both the electricity abandoned and the electricity abandoned rate have dropped.

Industrial development continued to rise

At present, renewable energy has become the main force of new electric power in China, and clean energy plays an increasingly prominent role in replacing it.

By the end of June this year, China's installed renewable energy power generation capacity had reached 680 million kilowatts, up 13 percent year on year.Specifically, in the field of wind power, in the first half of this year, China's newly connected wind power capacity reached 7.94 million kilowatts, an increase of about 32% year on year.

In terms of the average hours of wind power utilization, data show that in the first half of the year, the average hours of wind power utilization in China reached 1,143 hours, an increase of 159 hours over the previous year.Among them, yunnan province reached 1,592 hours, ranking first in China.Liaoning followed suit with 1,335 hours.Fujian, hebei and sichuan ranked third, fourth and fifth in China with 1,302 hours, 1,297 hours and 1,296 hours, respectively.

Along with the steady increase of wind power development scale and utilization level, the continuous improvement of wind abandoning condition in the first half of the year.

In view of the situation of wind abandoning in local areas, since this year, China's competent energy authorities have issued a number of policies in an intensive manner, explored continuously, pointed to the stubborn industrial diseases, coordinated with the relevant local governments, power planning and design units and power grid companies for many times, and adopted effective measures to constantly innovate in solving the problem of wind abandoning.

We will strengthen annual monitoring of the construction and operation of renewable energy, regulate the construction layout of renewable energy projects in light of the utilization of renewable energy, and avoid further aggravation of the "three abandonment" problem in regions with serious problems.At the same time, it has organized the supervision and inspection of the consumption of "three abandonment" in regions with serious problems, urged local governments and power grid enterprises to improve relevant measures, and intensified efforts to improve the consumption level of renewable energy.

In terms of dispatching, state grid corporation of China and China southern power grid company are mainly responsible for organizing the power dispatching of provincial power grids and cross-provincial regions, optimizing the operation mode, and creating conditions for the absorption of renewable energy.

In terms of trading, with the reform of the power system and the comprehensive promotion of market-oriented trading, various renewable energy consumption transactions have been carried out in various regions.

In terms of supervision, the state energy administration has organized relevant accredited institutions to strengthen the supervision over the grid-connection operation of renewable energy and market transactions, especially the special supervision over photovoltaic power generation.

Thanks to the efforts of various parties, data shows that in the first half of this year, China's wind abandoning power was 18.2 billion KWH, down 5.3 billion KWH from the same period last year, and the wind abandoning rate was 8.7%, down 5 percentage points from the same period last year.In the first half of this year, 18 provinces (regions and cities) did not abandon wind and limit power, and another 9 provinces had a curtailment rate of less than 5%.

The head of the new energy and renewable energy division of the national energy administration said that since the beginning of this year, the absorption of renewable energy has achieved good results, mainly due to multiple positive factors such as total power demand.

The absorption of renewable energy is a long-term problem. In accordance with the overall strategic plan of the 19th major clean energy industry expansion, the development of renewable energy in the future needs to be on a larger scale.In the long run, the establishment of renewable energy absorption and utilization of long-term mechanism is particularly important.

It is learned that the national development and reform commission and the state energy administration issued the implementation plan for solving the problem of abandoning water, wind and light in November last year, giving priority to the implementation of the quota system for renewable energy.Released in March, the national energy administration of the renewable energy electricity quotas and assessment method (draft) ", for the first time made clear in 2018, 2020, the province's total renewable energy electricity quotas, non renewable energy quota of water and electricity and related assessment method, concrete of the implementation of the renewable energy quota system of our country, the implementation of the certificate and subsequent green power constraint trading is of great significance.

Sources in the industry said that the current renewable energy power quota system is being studied and formulated in an orderly manner. An opinion was solicited in March this year, and is being revised and improved in accordance with the opinions and feedback from various departments.

The introduction of quota system will play an important role in solving the problem of renewable energy absorption and alleviating the pressure of renewable energy development on the national renewable energy development fund.

Su minyue will lead the offshore wind power market

Focus on the offshore wind power market.Data shows that in the first half of this year, China's offshore wind power added 157,000 kilowatts of grid-connected capacity.By the end of June, 2.7 gigawatts of offshore wind power had been installed.

As the leader of the domestic offshore wind power market, jiangsu province plans to integrate 3.5 million kilowatts of offshore wind power into the grid by 2020.With some wind turbines connected to the grid of H2# offshore wind power project in yancheng binhai north district not long ago, the installed scale of offshore wind power connected to the grid in jiangsu province exceeded 2 million kw, accounting for nearly 70% of the total scale of the country.

Since this year, fujian province has also made remarkable achievements in promoting the scale of China's offshore wind power market.The reporter learned from the energy department of fujian development and reform commission that the approved scale of offshore wind power in the province has exceeded 13 million kilowatts.At present, fujian is in accordance with the unified plan, the economical and intensive, reasonable development, efficient utilization principle, around the building with international and domestic advanced level of offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base, centralized configuration offshore wind resources, to support the offshore wind power equipment manufacturing park in fujian province, and regional high-end advanced wind power enterprises manufacturing equipment development.According to the special energy development plan of the 13th five-year plan of fujian province, the province will build more than 2 million kilowatts of offshore wind power during the 13th five-year plan period.

In addition to the above provinces, guangdong's strength in the development of offshore wind power should not be underestimated.According to the guangdong offshore wind power development plan (2017-2030)(revision) issued by the province earlier, the province plans to build 23 offshore shallow water (within 35 meters of water depth) and offshore deep water (within 35 meters of water depth) offshore wind power sites, with a total installed capacity of 66.85 million kw.At present, several enterprises, including datang, huaneng, state power investment and China general nuclear power corporation (CGN), have set out in guangdong waters to share this "big cake".

"Based on the current project reserves and the speed of project approval and construction, offshore wind power is developing at a strong speed, and the cumulative grid-connected capacity will exceed the targets set by the national energy authorities in the 13th five-year plan by 2020."Li xiaoyang, a senior market analyst at WoodMackenzie, said that under the leadership of the three provinces, the market size of offshore wind power will continue to expand, which will drive the whole industry to achieve large-scale development and play a positive role in promoting the maturity of offshore wind power technology and the continuous decline in costs.

Although the development prospect is beyond doubt, at present, China's offshore wind power faces multiple barriers in survey and design, construction management, operation and maintenance, technical innovation and other aspects.

"Offshore wind power construction costs are high, and maintenance costs are hard to imagine if there are problems.Some foreign countries and equipment manufacturers have learned profound lessons in the early stage of offshore wind power development.In the eyes of the industry, offshore wind power is a sea-based project. There are many overlaps among fisheries, waterways, ships and transportation, involving the zoning of sea functions, which should be highly integrated from the perspective of national and local levels and planning.At present, China's offshore wind power is entering a period of rapid development, but it must be considered with high reliability, high technology maturity, to prevent equipment quality problems, especially the quality of large parts problems, rash radical will only bring a heavy blow to the manufacturing enterprises.

These people believe that to effectively promote the large-scale development of offshore wind power, it is necessary to rely on the cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, scientific research institutes, industry associations and other institutions, so as to improve the overall competitiveness of offshore wind power industry and take a solid step for China's offshore wind power to go global.

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