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Several companies are expected to invest 10 gigawatts in offshore wind power over the next two years

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Several companies are expected to invest 10 gigawatts in offshore wind power over the next two years

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Since 2017, jiangsu, zhejiang, guangdong and other southeast coastal provinces and cities have announced new plans for the development of offshore wind power.According to relevant data, as of the beginning of this year, the planned total installed capacity of offshore wind power has exceeded 100 million kilowatts.

Some industry insiders pointed out that offshore wind power is expected to drive China to form a trillion-yuan scale of high-end Marine equipment manufacturing industry cluster.On the basis of strengthening domestic and foreign scientific and technological cooperation and strengthening scientific and technological breakthroughs, Chinese enterprises are expected to take the lead in the field of typhoon-resistant offshore wind turbines, making them a new business card of "made in China".

It is understood that China has rich offshore wind power resources.According to the wind energy resources survey data of China meteorological administration, China's installed wind power capacity is about 200 million kilowatts in the offshore area within the depth line of 5 meters to 25 meters and 50 meters above sea level, and about 500 million kilowatts in the area above 70 meters.In recent years, China's offshore wind power has developed rapidly.By 2016, China's total installed offshore wind power has accounted for 11% of the global total, ranking third in the world.

In the next three years, offshore wind power will lead the wind power field

In fact, in recent years, China's wind power development speed is relatively fast, and has been staying in the inland development of wind power development model, due to the continuous innovation of technology gradually to the offshore development.In response, some analysts said, "since 2018, offshore wind power development has received a series of policy support.Compared with onshore wind power, offshore wind power has the advantages of high utilization hours of power generation, no occupation of land and proximity to load centers.In addition, in 2019, the reduction of on-grid electricity price for wind power does not involve offshore wind power temporarily. With the decrease of cost, offshore wind power is expected to lead wind power to a new height of development in the next three years.

In the east and south, the development of offshore wind power has natural advantages.China's coastline is 18,000 kilometers long and the available sea area is more than 3 million square kilometers.According to the wind energy resources survey data of China meteorological administration, the installed capacity of wind power at a height of 50 meters above sea level in China's offshore areas is about 200 million kw, and that at a height of 70 meters or more is about 500 million kw.Compared with onshore wind power, offshore wind power, as a new clean energy, does not need long-distance transmission and is suitable for large-scale development.On the other hand, in basically the same geographical location, the utilization hours of offshore wind power are 20% to 70% higher than that of onshore wind power.

Offshore wind power is more grid-friendly.As we all know, one of the major constraints restricting the development of new energy in China in recent years is the difficulty of absorption. Different from onshore wind power in the "three north" region, offshore wind power has a very broad prospect of absorption due to its proximity to China's power load center.This not only meets the growing demand for electricity in the coastal load center, but also plays an irreplaceable role in the local energy structure adjustment: the project is close to the coastal load center, and naturally becomes a powerful channel for coastal provinces to obtain clean energy.

According to the national wind power "13th five-year plan", by the end of 2020, China's offshore wind power scale will reach 10 million kilowatts, and strive to reach 5 million kilowatts of grid-connected capacity.According to incomplete statistics, by the beginning of 2018, the total installed capacity of offshore wind power planned by various regions has exceeded 100 million kilowatts, which also means that it far exceeds the target of "13th five-year plan for the development of wind power" to start construction of offshore wind power to reach 15 million kilowatts by 2020.Coastal provinces are not far behind, and the development of offshore wind power in jiangsu, fujian, guangdong, Shanghai and other regions is at the forefront of the country.

At the same time, a number of offshore wind power demonstration projects have been completed, and the technical level of equipment has been improved.With the characteristics of strong technological guidance, large economic volume and large industrial correlation, offshore wind power, as a new arena for renewable energy, can also improve the local energy structure, drive the development of equipment manufacturing industry, and even drive China to form a trillion-scale high-end Marine equipment manufacturing industry cluster.After careful exploration of the 12th five-year plan, the 13th five-year plan is considered to be a critical period for offshore wind power to connect the past with the future.During this period, technological innovation, cost control and industrial collaboration have become the main ways to reduce the cost of offshore wind power development.

Several listed companies have invested in offshore wind power

From the perspective of listed companies, many companies have begun to lay out or have already laid out wind power field offshore.Recently, in jiangsu nantong zhenhua Marine engineering base held in 300MW offshore wind power project 220kV offshore booster station acceptance meeting, tva hengyang transformer co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as tva hengyang transformer company) for the project to provide 220kV main transformer, 252kVGIS, 40.5kV sulfur hexafluoride gas insulation switchgear and other equipment successfully passed the acceptance.As the first offshore booster station with complete intellectual property rights in China, the successful acceptance of this project marks that China has broken the monopoly of overseas joint venture manufacturers in the field of offshore wind power for a long time, and the offshore wind power project has realized the localization of electrical primary equipment for the first time.

The platform of the offshore booster station is located in the Marine environment. In addition to its special transportation requirements, all equipment and components have extremely high requirements for anti-corrosion grade, seismic anti-tilt, safety and reliability of equipment, etc., and it also needs to meet the unattended design.Due to the high technical threshold, the integrated supply market of offshore wind power equipment was divided between Siemens and ABB for a long time in the past, and the product price was high.At present, 15 offshore wind power projects are under construction or have been built in China, with ABB accounting for 9 and Siemens 5.This time, China's tva electric balance variable company for the first domestic.

In order to break the monopoly situation in the field of offshore wind power, tcea hengtransformer has started to promote the localization of offshore wind power equipment since the "twelfth five-year plan" period, and conducted in-depth research on technologies such as high reliability, maintenance-free, equipment miniaturization, salt spray corrosion resistance, seismic resistance and subversion resistance of offshore wind power equipment.In the product design, a series of optimization layout is carried out, such as the adoption of the overall assembly scheme, and the foreign-funded enterprises as a whole into a block scheme, the realization of small equipment, intensive and modular, shorten the construction time of secondary wiring, can properly solve the problem of high site wiring error rate.

It is reported that at present, the 220kV offshore booster station of the 300MW offshore wind power project of the three gorges dafeng has completed the onshore construction work, and all electrical equipment has been installed and tested to be qualified. It is expected that the first batch of units will be connected to the grid for power generation in October this year.

In addition to the above companies, funeng shares are backed by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of fujian province and cooperated with the three gorges group. The company has prominent advantages in developing wind power project resources.Due to regional problems, fujian province has relatively good wind resources, belongs to category IV wind area, has high on-grid electricity price, and has no wind abandoning and power limit, so the return rate of wind power projects is better.By the end of 2017, the company had transported 664,000 kW of wind power, accounting for 26.14% of the installed wind power scale in fujian province.423,000 kw of wind power is under construction, and more than 3 million kw of wind power is stored in reserve, helping the company's wind power sector continue to grow at a high rate.

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