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Environmental protection cable types and several advantages

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Environmental protection cable types and several advantages

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Environment-friendly cables include:

1, copper core lead-free PVC insulated environmental protection cable

2, copper core halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant polyolefin insulated environment-friendly cable

3, copper core halogen-free low-smoke flame retardant cross-linked polyolefin insulated environment-friendly cable

Environmental protection cable refers to the cable does not contain lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury and other heavy metals, does not contain bromine flame retardant, by the SGS recognized testing institutions of environmental protection performance test, in line with the eu environmental protection directive (RoSH) and higher than its index requirements.Do not produce harmful halogen gas, do not produce corrosive gas, have a low fever when burning, do not pollute the soil wire and cable.

Japan electric wire industry association (JCS) standard, the environmental protection type of electric wire and cable called: EM cable.

EM(eco-material), which means an ecological MATERIAL with flame retardant, is characterized by the use of halogen-free, lead-free ecological MATERIAL as the insulation and sheath of electric wires and cables.No harmful substances are produced when the cable is burned or discarded.Wires and cables used as ecological materials will not produce dioxin, lead and other public hazards and are easy to be recycled.At present, EM cables are mainly made of flame retardant polyethylene and flame retardant crosslinked polyethylene.

"Environment-friendly cable" has the following advantages:

1. High flame resistance:

The environment-friendly cable fully guarantees its high requirements on fire control, which is not easy to burn in case of fire, and can prevent the spread of flame and the expansion of disaster after burning.

2. Halogen free:

The use of green environmental protection insulation layer, sheath and special oxygen layer material, not only has good electrical properties, physical and mechanical properties, and ensure that the product does not contain halogen, solve the formation of its combustion of the "secondary pollution", to avoid the traditional PVC wire combustion can produce carcinogenic "dioxin" substances.

3. Low toxin:

Insulation and sheath do not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals harmful to human health, in the use of cables and waste treatment will not produce soil, water pollution.And after rigorous toxicity tests, the mice were safe and sound under the prescribed experimental conditions.

4. No corrosive gas:

The new type of special coating material that has no pollution to the environment will not produce HCL and other toxic gases in the production, use and combustion process. The acid gas discharged will be very little, causing little damage to personnel, equipment and instruments, and showing more environmental protection features.

5. High light transmittance:

The smoke generated by cable burning is extremely thin, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and fire fighting.The light transmittance of the product is more than 40%, far higher than the standard of less than 20% for traditional flame retardant cables.

6. Waterproof and uv resistant:

Special molecular structure of green environmental protection materials, to ensure ultra-low water absorption.Special uv absorber, so that the product has a good anti - uv function.The safety and service life of the product are guaranteed.The company that first initiated the name of "environment-friendly cable" is a Japanese company. Its product standard, namely, Ecomaterial ecological cable standard, has been made. In western countries, Britain has also made advanced environment-friendly cable standard requirements, which has been gradually spread to the world.Now the so-called "environmental protection cable" is actually in accordance with the Japanese FN cable standard production cable.It should be noted that the low-smoke halogen free cable is no longer forced to say that the "environmental cable."

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