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How to fundamentally control the "cable problem"?

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How to fundamentally control the "cable problem"?

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In order to fundamentally rectify the "problem cable", the joint investigation team suggests: first, thoroughly check the "problem cable", comprehensively check the "problem cable" in storage, in use and procurement contract, one by one check.If the goods are found to be sealed up immediately in the warehouse, they shall be stopped for use before being processed in the construction, and the purchase contract shall be immediately terminated.To have put into use, testing and risk assessment, there are safety risks of products, on the premise of ensuring the safety of project operation, we must actively rectify, resolutely remove and replace.It is understood that the relevant project "problem cable" demolition work is under way.

Second, related departments to study and perfect the bidding system for the management and key equipment material purchasing, grasping the revised tender and bid, equipment, material procurement aspects such as laws, regulations and supporting documents, to speed up the change of the determinants of price for bidding and purchasing management, the implementation of technology, quality, service, brand and price of many factors such as comprehensive evaluation.

Third, we will fully implement all requirements for the reform of the system of power supply, regulation and services, and accelerate the establishment and improvement of systems of huge punitive compensation and joint punishment for breach of trust.We will comprehensively implement the "dual randomization and one disclosure" regulation, strengthen joint supervision by departments, promote the exchange and sharing of information between departments and regions involving enterprises, disclose bad information in a timely manner, and improve the efficiency and level of supervision.

50. The global clean room cable market will increase by 5.21% annually by 2021

Technavio, a market-research firm, reports that the global clean-room cable market will grow steadily by 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.21%.

Clean rooms are used in many industries such as semiconductors, biotechnology, medical equipment, life sciences and aerospace.Cables used in clean rooms should be flexible in nature and should not release dust particles into a controlled environment.

The increasing application of clean rooms in nanotechnology will drive the growth prospects of the global clean room cable market.The manufacture of micro-products in nanotechnology requires a clean room because the production and testing phases involve the careful handling of small particles to prevent the transfer of dust or any other form of pollutant, which in turn will facilitate the adoption of clean room cables.The use of clean room cables can prevent these products from being contaminated by harmful elements to produce defect-free nanoproducts.In addition, universities are increasingly using clean rooms to provide students with high-end research facilities, which will further drive the demand for clean room cables and stimulate the growth of the clean room cable market.

Modified polyphenyl ether thermoplastic (mPPE) cables will be used more and more in clean rooms than traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cables because they have lower removal rates and are more compact than traditional wires.In addition, these cables are smaller and lighter than PVC cables and have excellent insulation strength, which will again enhance their significance in clean room technology.According to market research and analysis, the increasing popularity of mPPE cable will become one of the main trends of clean room cable market in the next four years.

The global clean room cable market competition pattern is composed of several well-known domestic and foreign suppliers, the market is highly decentralized.These suppliers are increasingly developing and supplying products to a wide range of end users, such as semiconductor companies, healthcare industries and appliance manufacturers.Growth in end-user industries such as semiconductors and pharmaceuticals in emerging economies such as China and India will provide significant growth opportunities for players in this market segment.

The main suppliers in the market include alpha wire, egus, lenny cable, German and flexible cable, etc.

The market can be divided into healthcare and semiconductors by end users.

In 2016, the medical field will dominate the clean room cable market, which can be further divided into drugs, biotechnology, medical devices, hospitals and life sciences, and is expected to maintain a high growth rate in the future.High demand for cleanroom applications from major end users (such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, hospitals and medical devices) will drive the growth of the cleanroom cable market.

By region, the market can be divided into the americas, the asia-pacific region, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The asia-pacific region will dominate the global clean room cable market in 2016 and will continue to do so in the next four years.Reliance on the electronics and semiconductor industries, heavy investment in pharmaceuticals and the presence of several flat-panel display makers will spur the region's increasing use of cleanroom cables.

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